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The 3 Considerations When Purchasing New Tyre’s

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In this weeks blog we discuss the 3 main things you need to consider before purchasing new tyres in 2019. Tyres are all that keeps you and your vehicle from the road, so keep on reading and learn what to look out for.


3 considerations:


Know your size

First off, you’ll need to have a clear idea of the dimensions you’re looking for when purchasing tyres. This means knowing what size your current tyres are. You’ll find this information displayed on the sidewalls of the tyre. It will be printed in raised lettering on the outside edge of the tyre . This lettering may be small and difficult to see, so you might need to use your finer tips to get a feel for the location. It should look something like ‘205/55 R 16 91W’. The  numbers and letters will vary between tyres. It is important that you’re certain about the size of tyre you’re looking for before you buy. Error isn’t a risk you can take with tyres!

Check speed ratings 

The speed rating label is the top speed that a tyre is legally approved for. When you’re searching for tyres for your car, you should make sure the ones you go for are matched to the official top speed of your vehicle. Even though you’re unlikely to ever travel at this speed, it’s important to get this detail right for insurance purposes. You’ll find speed rating details on the sidewall of your tyres following on from the information provided about its size.

Check labels

When you’ve found tyres that are the right size and have a suitable speed rating, it’s a good idea to check the labels to make sure they meet your requirements in terms of performance. There are three main elements to these labels:

Fuel economy – The label will have a fuel economy grading from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G the least. If you’re looking for tyres that are kind to your wallet when it comes to filling up at the pumps – and kind to the planet – it pays to opt for designs with a good efficiency rating.

Wet Grip – Wet adherence, or grip, is one of the most important safety performance characteristics of a tyre. Vehicles with tyres from Class A stop in the shortest distance from 50mph, whilst tyres from Class B take an additional 3-6 metres. This trend continues for the subsequent values and results in an increase in braking distance of over 18 metres from a vehicle in Class A to Class F. It is key that this crucial safety value appears on the label to enable the motorist to have a fuller picture of the tyres performance. A label that only highlighted rolling resistance and noise could give a false impression of the tyres performance. For wet braking Categories D and G are not used so any tyre with longer stopping distances in the wet will be rated as E or F.

External Noise – Traffic noise is an environmental concern. The new labels split tyres into three sound categories, based on the noise they produce in reference to new EU regulations.

1 black sound wave = least noise produced, already compliant with the future tighter EU limit
2 black sound waves = already compliant with the future EU limit.
3 black sound waves = compliant with the current EU limit.

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